First post, worst post


This is the first blog post I've ever made on a website with my name in the domain.

Typically, I'm doing this sort of thing for other people, other brands. That's kind of a shame, too, because I've been doing this for over 15 years.  I think starting up a little work journal might generate some momentum for my own brand. If anything, it will clear the cobwebs. It could allow me to think like myself. 

So, this is a work journal, and as journals go, so far, I'd say we're cookin'.

Work breakdown:
I have a few projects in progress; some for clients, some for me. That's a good mix, I think. In years past, the work was always about ME, but was never for me. A few gray hairs, and long years later, I'm just as giving of myself, but with a better understanding of who's receiving what. What got me out of bed every morning used to be the need to prove my worth.

I followed the rules.  Did "exactly" what the clients wanted, but passive-aggressively shot my own preferences and ego into each comp, still expecting them to fawn.  They sometimes did, too. I was a resource. All because I "knew Photoshop", or "had Illustrator."  I was keeping them happy.  I was a novelty.  I was their tool. 

Now I have my own tools.  And, yes, Adobe CC is wow, yet ugh, but that's not what I mean. I have actually moved beyond the stage of being an instrument. I'm the driver, now, and in my rearview mirror is this 20-something tumbleweed of overconfidence and naiveté. I'm working on a few projects for myself. And they're pretty good.


eCommerce Project
Sneak Peek:

coming soon from  @intellidads

coming soon from @intellidads